Year in Review



P.O. Box 286, Breezewood, PA 15533; (814) 977-6964

Greetings and grace to all in the name of the Lord! We appreciate your partnership in this marketplace outreach. The Breezewood Trucker and Traveler Ministry is blessed to record the following:

(2019) (2020) (2021) (2022)

1043 331 533 700 trucker contacts.

1213 397 854 1014 traveler contacts.

743 477 505 763 employee/staff contacts.

69 48 65 62 spiritual/emotional assistance for truckers.

132 91 104 104 spiritual/emotional assistance for employee/staff.

273 184 246 208 pastoral care calls in the community.

1231 1041 1224 802 food resource provided.

108 199 184 191 nights of lodging provided.

37 44 40 46 persons assisted with gasoline.

164 48 49 35 persons provided with transportation(including bus).

45 55 37 40 camping gear, bags, showers, gift cards, cash, or clothing.

117 131 82 121 traveler's "Zip Lock" care packages given.

202 82 80 140 Bibles or New Testaments given.

210 105 52 85 families/individuals served through Christmas food drive.

9 1 1 4 local church sponsored holiday hospitality tables.

22 14 13 21 ministry presentations/preaching/special services.

89 22 21 46 Bible studies/ prayer service.

2130 1803 2005 2177 professional staff hours worked.

2323 1379 1606 1774 hours served by volunteers.

Professional Chaplaincy: Spiritual Care Association Membership(NIBIC)

Endorsed Chaplain, United Methodist Church

In 2022 our world continued to experience a great shaking of geopolitical, health system, and global economic foundations. Nations have rattled sabers, some entered fields of battle while other governments appear lost in cultural and moral confusions without a compass. The trauma of violence, disease, and loss is a fire-signal(Jeremiah 6) seen in Breezewood and so many lands far and wide. Many of our friends on the highway hold fast to the Living Word(Jesus) and prepare for battle by seeking/sharing His Truth daily. The trumpet of Jeremiah 6 is blaring; we give thanks to God for the warning and ready ourselves in faith. Christ-following truckers are daily in and out of Breezewood delivering freight and meeting the needs of multitudes. Wandering and homeless travelers at this crossroads though sometimes suffering from isolation, can uncover a crack in the work of government and the church. Are we listening? The pressure cooker that is 24/7 interstate commerce is managed and served by an underappreciated Breezewood workforce whose 8+ hour shifts often expose them to an exhausting ear full and eye full of highway humanity that reflects national reality. Breezewood has seen the signal-fire and been invited along with the rest of the world to repent on our way to battle against the “Babylonians” of our day. We don’t have to look far to find the threat, easier yet to find hope. . . .in a promised Messiah!! We have been given precious Good News to share at the interstate crossroads in Breezewood, PA!

We continue to coordinate for food, fuel, care packages, transportation, and emergency lodging for those in need. We give thanks for a management team, partner churches, businesses, and individuals whose faithfulness multiplies resources for ministry! Praise God who loves us enough to warn us, equip us, and protect us!