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Born in Morgantown, West Virginia and raised in Oswego, New York, Bruce B. Maxwell completed a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Rochester(New York). After working 2 years for Xerox Corporation in Optical research and development, he responded to the call into ministry and began seminary at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. While in seminary Mr. Maxwell was mentored by Franciscans at the St. Vincent’s Shelter for homeless men, women, and children in downtown Dayton. Following graduation, a 6 week trip of spiritual wandering in the western states revealed lesson after lesson of the Providence of God. After 2 years of construction work, Mr. Maxwell moved to central Pennsylvania and was invited to apply for the Breezewood Trucker and Traveler Chaplaincy position, a multi-denominational mission presence at an interstate crossroads. Chaplain Maxwell has served in this workplace setting since 1992 as an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church.

Bruce resides in Everett, PA with his wife Roxanne and three children: Nathaniel, Kaitlyn, and Kevin. For information about the Breezewood Ministry, call Chaplain Maxwell at 814-977-6964.

“Sharing Christ at the Crossroads To The South”

Breezewood Trucker-Traveler Chaplaincy

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814-977-6964, cell