In partnership with you the Breezewood Trucker-Traveler Chaplaincy learns anew the meaning of hospitality and Good Samaritan assistance with each person who comes seeking help and answers.  Highway life can be a wealth of blessings as well as a threat to the soul with competition fierce at times for the hearts of men and women.  The questions do surface: What shall I do?  Where am I to go?  What is my purpose?  We can turn and believe the One Source that holds all guidance, and will never fail in abiding with us.   The Lord God Almighty is the One.  Praise!

2016 will continue the challenges of recovering and/or uncovering faith in the midst of uncertain times: war and peace, national elections, moral poverty, and robust discussions of the core values in America.  The trucking and travel industries many times reflect national trends and priorities.  The Breezewood community continues to contribute in many ways to the pace and purpose of a highway economy.  Thank you for your part in the stream of Biblical hospitality we endeavor in Breezewood.  We value your involvement and interest in helping to re-present the gospel in busy 24 hour a day highway workplaces.

We welcome your consideration of the following outreach projects/donations to the Trucker-Traveler Ministries:

1.      Bibles, bookmarks, small crosses or other symbols of faith, devotionals, & phone cards, etc.

2.      Preaching/music and Bible on CD or other electronic media for truckers to listen to while driving.

3.      Prayer for the ministry, for drivers, their families, travelers, employees.

4.      Office help: computer operations, mailings, etc.

5.      Ziplock care packages:  (suggested items) face towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb,         shampoo, razor, deodorant, cracker snack, and devotional.

6.      Placement of “truck collection bank” in church or place of work.

7.      Involvement as management committee member.

8.      Speaking to groups, Sunday schools, civic organizations about the ministry.

9.      Financial contributions.

10.  Travel bags/duffels, back packs, and socks for foot travelers.

11.  Transportation services for stranded truckers/travelers to and from hospital, pharmacy, church services, etc.

12.  Sponsoring “hospitality tables:” cookies, fruit, juice, devotionals, Bibles offered in the plazas on holidays.

13.  Adopting a local trucking terminal for prayer and/or outreach projects.

14.  Sponsoring a Valentine’s or Mother’s Day Card outreach table at the Travel Plazas.

We look forward to your participation and thank-you for helping to make real the expanding witness of the body of Christ in an important workplace.  God’s peace and blessings be known among you.

“Sharing Christ at the Crossroads To The South”

Breezewood Trucker-Traveler Chaplaincy

                                                                                   P.O. Box 286, Breezewood, PA 15533

814-977-6964, cell